Hello again

2016-12-30 08:12:29 by ebunnie

Well time for my yearly posting again lol. 
been quite the year for clebrity deaths, really gonna miss david bowie the most. 
picked up a few new skills this year in video editing,

who woulda guessed trumps dumbass coulda gotten elected, as us president 
i would have preffered bernie sanders personally but shillary stole that

also gained a following of 10k likes on my face book page:  https://www.facebook.com/mindofebunnie/

be sure to check out my youtube channel aswell: https://www.youtube.com/user/BunnyTrailPro/videos



2015-12-31 07:56:49 by ebunnie

Murica!!! Fuck yeah ! ! ! !  ! ! !! ! !! !! ! !  420 blaze it fergons 

Meow Meow

2015-06-12 16:24:08 by ebunnie

My Cat butterz is my Beastest Fraind EVARRRRRR!!!!!!  Meow Meow Mother Fucker :-}Ebuinnie 


Life is grand

2015-03-24 09:45:37 by ebunnie

 there is too much music and knowledge in the world to ever be bored
Humble yourself and begin your endless journey already there is much to explore  :-}Ebunnie 2179706_142720467233_n.jpg

Rolling Onto a new year,

2014-01-26 05:04:25 by ebunnie

Man its been a long time since i posted on here, 

My name is Ebunnie, i am a music and film enthusiast, and consider myself a cinematographer on one level or another, I am an "Overlord" of the xbox live clan "The xbox live coalition", i have my own small time production group on youtube "BunnyTrailPro", and i also Admin a politically motivated page for "Awakened" people on facebook called "Mind Of Ebunnie", i have been on the internet scene for the better half of my life,it all started with xbox live and halo 2, 2006, i have expereinced alot of crazy things the rise and fall of entire 100+ person communities in mere months sometimes weeks,Virtual "Cold wars" by threat of "Shell booters", sleep overs and dance parties in xbox lives clans that were funner than some of the adventures i have had with my real life friends, i also have met some of the craziest and interesting people the internet has to offer, Hackers, scumbags,thugs,friends,brothers,enemies and rivals i created bonds that were like families all through the internet, and i look forwards to geting to know and experence even more, the internet and the world is limitless. 

I am just an Agnostic Atheist, who believes in the human race loving each other for who we are and also legalizing the god damn marijuana,  feel free to message me on any of my sites/Extentions, i am always interested in meeting people who are capable of logical thought and apretiation for the finer things in life,


My facebook page: Mind of ebunnie:  www.facebook.com/mindofebunnie

My Youtube Channel: BunnyTrailPro:  www.youtube.com/BunnyTrailPro

My Clan: The Xbox Live Coalition:  xblc.t83.net

The last post i had on here was from when i was 15, i am now 22 years old, born 1992 

Here is a picture of me a few months ago before i went into battle in an "AirSoft" war. 

The gun is a CYMA Ak-74u with a fullmetal/wood body{i have digital camo pattern tape on it}


a little about me

2008-01-16 20:07:49 by ebunnie

well i am Ebunnie my real name is cody j drown i spend most my time on xbox Live and i have my own website Xblc.net stop by it some time and check out our forums oh and you see my current pic thats me now the pic i attached is when i had long hair (snifL snifL) i miss my long hair i had to cut it to get a job so it was a win loose situation

a little about me