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Tribute to the Triforce Tribute to the Triforce

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what is that some kind of dildo? no wonder no one wants to scout you for the art portal, total shit m8

Toad Toad

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what is he doing? riding a dick? cool you made a pixel asshole big fucking whoop ya want a fookin cookie? you piece of shit. this lools like it was made in microsoft moovie maker.

GingerPale responds:

Are you a little mad about your review? Someone can't handle Newgrounds. Your video just really didn't fit in and it was very poorly constructed. Although I'm very impressed by its rainbow filter, i think youtube is your place, but if you can't take a little honest opinion about your shit you slapped together to get content on the internet, then put a little more effort in or don't go on the interwebs man. And to answer your questions: Yes he is riding a dick, is there an issue with that D:?! I would like a cookie, and i made it with microsoft movie maker fo sho :D Thanks for the review man !
Love the angry Troll <3 see ya around chump

Bottom 2 Bottom 2

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you are one crazy mofo ya know that